BTS Of Spring/Summer2015

Hello peeps! And welcome to our new blog! First off, our website will be up soon, having that said we would like to give you a sneak peek of our new Spring into Action look book.

Special thanks to the whole production team that did an amazing job on Saturday January 31st, with our very first photo shoot! I don’t know about you gals, but here at the L&K headquarters we are very excited for this. Let me introduce you to our crew!

Liza Cornejo: Our head designer Xtraordinare

Ivette Corona: Head of Marketing Superstar

Ivanna Hernandez: The Star Stylist

Ivanna Banales: The Photographer and Creative Monster

Nadya Padron: The Makeup Supergirl

and last but definitely not least our super model Kari Calhoun

FullSizeRenderHonestly as any other photo shoot and production the whole team was overwhelmed and thought this would be chaos, especially being our very first photo shoot, but thank fully we all had young and very creative minds there for this project went by like a breeze…. Seriously.

I will not bore you with all the deets, but lets just say that aside that this production was put together in one week, we finished on time and managed to get several shots with several different scenarios and when I say several I mean a few hundred photos LOL. It’s all about wearing different hats and being prepared for improv I guess.

ANYWAYS….. We narrowed it down and decided to share a little sneak peek. Check it out!

LACANVAS18 (1 of 1)





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